TEACHER VIDEOS - Vamos a la mar

The following videos were recorded at Music Together HQ in Hopewell, NJ. A special thanks to my awesome model "families", Missy Smith (our own Director of Licensing at CyBC)  and Deanna DeCampos (Director of Education Services at MT LLC).

NOTE - the number before each song is the TRACK NUMBER. Not all songs in the collection are represented here. For more (older) videos of other songs in this collection go to your Teacher Dropmark Folder.


2. Vamos a la mar - small movement


2. Vamos a la mar - large movement


7. Sale el trencito - small to large movement


8. Al tambor de la alegría - small movement


8. Al tambor de la alegría - sticks


8. Al tambor de la alegría - large movement


9. Arriba, dormilones - small movement


9. Arriba, dormilones - part singing


12. Una sardina 


14. Hace Frío 


16. El barco chiquitito - small movement


16. El barco chiquitito - large movement


17. Los tres tambores


19. La mar estaba serena


20. Aserrín, aserrán


21. Lunes antes de almorzar


22. El gatito quería comer


23. El ratón pasó por aquí